Friday, September 16, 2011

A Little Better Yet!

Well, I said I wasn't completely happy with my 95th Rifles test figure so, here is my revamp:

I made a number of changes that have all left me happy. Even a few things I previously pronounced as good-to-go did, in the end, in gone. :-) What's that Larry Leadhead comic about a set of rules being "perfect" and then decides to change some things. As you can see, my style of painting is one that uses small highlights rather than a straight-up Foundry style. I also use colors that are fairly close in value making for subtle shift from top to bottom. Here is the breakdown of colors used (all colors are Vallejo):

Green Uniform
undercoat - 89(50%) + 169(50%)
base - 89
highlights - 86

Gray Trousers (and Blanket)
undercoat - 165
base - 160
highlights - 158

Brown Trousers
undercoat - 150
base - 147
highlights - 143

Black Items
undercoat - 169
base - 169(50%) + 168(50%)
highlights - 168
highlights - 160

wood undercoat - 149
wood base - 143
wood highlights - 132
rifle metal undercoat - 169
rifle metal base - 178
sling - 145

undercoat - 105
base - 107
sling - 145

undercoat - 115
base - 103

base - 104

undercoat - 135
base - 21
highlights 18

undercoat - 169
base - 141

To finish them off, I sealed with Testors Dullcote spray. I sought some advice from fellow gamers over at The Miniature Page on looking for a better product, but was offered that I was not using what I had, properly. They were right. Don't let my poor photography skills fool you, these figures are very flat in appearance. I used to apply too much too fast leaving me with an almost satin finish. They are still not dead flat as I would like, but I can live with them. I applied two very light coats over two days. They will also get hit again once they are based, making three to four coats in total. That should be plenty to stand up against the rigors of heavy hands.

As you can see in the background, I painted seven figures in all. I plopped my original test figure into some Pine Sol Lemon Fresh [much easier on my sense of smell] to strip him back to bare. That stuff is amazing, nothing works as fast! He is now glued to a nail and ready for a coat of black spray. I made an order today for some more figs so I will eventually have enough figures, and varieties of poses, to finish out the unit.


  1. Excellent work! Although could you please put in there the Citadel equivalent of these paints? ;)

    Just kidding - although I am going to try my luck with the paints I have now to see how they go!

  2. A two color scheme of undercoat, basecoat will liik just as grand. Just remember that Dullcote darkens colors and not necessarily equally. Try a test figure or even a "popsicle stick" first.

  3. Good luck with the blog. Hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I do from mine



  4. The darker green look a lot better, well painted Sir!!