Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Test Figure

After having hammered out a basic framework for this project with Steven, I am very excited to get started. Yesterday, I drug out some Warmodelling, UN-34, Rifleman Loading, that I had purchased many moons ago as a sampling of the compnay's work. I also pulled from the bookcase, my Wargames Illustrated issue 260, that contains a painting guide. The issue came with two free Perry Miniatures Riflemen which I will some day gather the courage to finish.

I have to say that I'm mixed on the results but, overall very happy. First the bad; the color for the uniform is way to olive and not enough emerald. :-/ Funny thing was I kept saying "out loud" that the paint guide didn't match the colors used on the pictured figure! Add to this, the arrows pointing out the item painted rarely matched the instructions. While my disappointment can be remedied, I will still be sad to strip the figure to repaint him. The good; I really like the remaining color choices and how fast he painted up! I also did well to follow my own advice by painting only one figure along with immediately jotting down notes. Once I have a satisfactory figure, I will post a painting guide.

Now, I just need to find a sealer that is truly flat in finish. Testors Dullcote used to be the best product in town but, the formula has been long since changed for the worse. Any pointers from the folks out there would be greatly appreciated.


  1. The figures looks fine to me, if a bit light, but hey, didn't he just get his uniform washed by a Portugu scrubber?

  2. Hi, Ray! I wish I could have taken a better picture. :-( He doesn't look all that light to the natural eye, but the darned color is just plain wrong. I'm almost done with the next seven figs and they look worlds better! :-)

  3. Good start to the blog; have fun first and foremost!