Friday, August 3, 2012

Industry News II

A second day in a row of good news from Adler Miniatures. Adler has announced the release of two more codes of Napoleonic miniatures. Today's release is for late war French which are suitable for Waterloo; fusiliers and elites marching. Pictured below are the fusiliers.

With the addition of these two new codes, Adler now offers a total of 31 for 182-1815 French alone! The line comprehensively includes: infantry, artillery, and cavalry. As I boasted in my previous Industry News post, these figures are sure to cause one to think twice about their gaming scales. I am currently contemplating migration to 28mm for my scale of choice (from 15-18mm), but am seriously considering buying a smattering of figures for simply the joy of painting and collecting. No commitments to a big project, just the simple joy of ownership.

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