Thursday, August 2, 2012

Industry News

While perusing The Miniatures Page, I noted that Adler Miniatures is still at work filling in the blanks within their exhaustive 6mm (actually 7mm) Napoleonics range. British/KGL hussars and command. They already have an impressive number of codes for the massed miniatures gamer to choose from making them quite enticing. Oh, how I wish I had the patience to paint them with the techniques I like!

Adler has long since had the controversy of large-ish heads and headgear being their signature sculpting style. Fear not this undeserved criticism. For starters, there are but a few manufacturers (scale be damned) that sculpt in a true-to-physical-form fashion. Foundry Miniatures (28mm) are thick; Brigade Games Miniatures (28mm) have grotesquely large hands and goblin-like faces; Essex Miniatures (15mm) have short legs; and on, and on. Although many critics feel that the heads are just "too much" for them, I personally feel that they help to give the figures character. The sculpting style also makes it easier to identify your armies while they are beyond arms length. True 6mm figures, such as those by Heroics & Ros, are much too thin, much too short, and much too undefined (smooth with little detail) to receive this same level of recommendation.

If you are ready to build an entire Volley and Bayonet Army, or you simply wish to test the Adler waters, I assure you it is worth your time to buy a sampling of figures. Some will become instant converts while the rest will merely be left scared by the uncontrollable desire to add another gaming scale. In the end, all will be singing praise!


  1. 6mm adler figures are the best on market

  2. Agreed. Adler figs are excellent and the service is second to none.

  3. Thanks for commenting your support for Adler, guys. You know my thoughts about them! ;-)

    Steven has quite a batch of ACW and SYW (and maybe even some Naps!?). I passed along my collections to him a long while back knowing they woulf have a good home. Perhaps I am due for a limited purchase or two just for the sake of painting fun!